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There are eight geocache containers in the picture, odds are you’ll encounter geocaches of this size most often. They’re all small or micro geocaches. More than 70% of geocaches listed on Geocaching.com are either listed as “micro” or “small.”

There are hundreds of variations on geocache shapes, from whimsical (think a small yard gnome in the woods) to devious (think of a fake security camera attached by magnets to the side of a building).

The most interesting geocache containers are often the ones you’ve never encountered before and likely will never see again. Keep your eyes and your mind open when you’re geocaching.  If you’re stuck, geocache pages often include helpful hints. Previous logs and pictures can also offer clues to find the geocache.

  • Geocache containers: These are the containers that are hidden and contain the geocaches. They come in a variety of sizes and materials, and can be hidden almost anywhere.
    Geocache containers for geocaching
  • GPS devices: These are not essential, but they can be helpful for finding geocaches that are difficult to locate.

    GPS devices for geocaching

    GPS devices for geocaching
  • Clothing and gear: Geocachers often wear clothing that is appropriate for the weather and terrain you will be caching in. You may also carry gear such as flashlights, water bottles, and snacks.
    Clothing and gear for geocaching
    Clothing and gear for geocaching

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