Find at least 20 caches. Variety is the spice of geocaching. We recommend finding at least 20 geocaches before you hide your own. Try to find different cache types, different sizes, and caches hidden by different people. This way you can have an idea of what is already out there, what other geocachers will expect from your cache, and what kind of caches you find inspiring. 

Read the guidelinesThe geocache hiding guidelines answer lots of questions you might have about hiding your own cache including but not limited to how far caches can be from each other, how to ensure your cache is accessible, and rules to ensure respect for the environment and local laws. Chances are if you’re not sure of something regarding your cache, you’ll find an answer in the guidelines!

Take the hider quizThis one is fun! We’ve put together a handy dandy quiz for prospective cache hiders. Test your knowledge on the guidelines you just read. How did you do? (Please note that this quiz functions best in Chrome and Firefox, and may not function well with Internet Explorer.)

Choose a great location. Location, location, location! Do you have a special location more people should see? A place with history that others don’t know about? Hide a geocache in a unique location to create a moment of joy for millions of geocachers around the world!

Choose a great containerOnce you have your location, you can choose your container. Generally, we recommend hiding a container as large as your location will allow, but at a minimum you should make sure the container is waterproof and can withstand natural forces. You should also provide an empty logbook.

Set it up! You’re ready to go! Use the Hide a Geocache page to submit your geocache for review and publication.

Communicate with your reviewer. Once your cache has been submitted, a community volunteer reviewer will check the cache page to make sure your cache is following all of the guidelines. Generally, reviewers aim to start review of a cache within seven days, but reviews may take longer depending on several factors including the time of year and your location. They may ask clarifying questions about certain aspects of your cache, so make sure you’re keeping an eye on your cache owner dashboard under Unpublished hides.

Maintain your geocache. Now that your cache is published, the real fun begins! To make sure your geocache remains a positive experience for other cachers, it’s important to monitor logs and visit the cache site periodically. Be aware that caches that are not maintained may be disabled or archived by reviewers. For more information on how to maintain your geocache, check out our Help Center, or this article on cache maintenance

Now that you’re an expert on the geocache hiding process, where will you place your cache?

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