Thursday 2nd November 2023
Event A Teesside Event #31 by lizc8 in Yorkshire
Event The Early Bird Catches the Worm event by goldpot in London
CITO Event What a Chipper Laurel Bash @ Walkwood Woodland by ChilternRangers in Southern England
Friday 3rd November 2023
Event Trick or Treat with 9 Usual Suspects by 9 Usual Suspects in North Wales
CITO Event Tree Care- Community Woodland by joshuas2005 in Southern England
CITO Event Scotsgrove Brook Enhancement by ChilternRangers in Southern England
Event Do you want some chocolate ? by Salecy in London
Saturday 4th November 2023
CITO Event Church CITO 007 - Woodlands by The Creepy Crawlies in South East England
Event Church Micro 10116 - 16 Year Anniversary Event by The Creepy Crawlies in South East England
Event Germany meets Isle of Man by F_i_r_e in Isle of Man
CITO Event Volunteering with Mel @ Golden Rose Flower Garden by Watford_Chick in Eastern England
Event Event thir-tea by campdave in North West England
Event Breakfast at Beaconsfield #2 by reader125 in Southern England
Event Puzzle Club 20: Saturday Solvers by mellers in Southern England
CITO Event Helping out at Hemmick Beach by spooky_luke in South West England
Event LRB96 on tour ... 5000 finds by LRB96 in South East England
Event Church Micro 10116...16 Year Anniversary Event by TrainSPLOTer in Yorkshire
Event Team Doo!! on Castle Hill Tenby by fastdebbie in South Wales
Sunday 5th November 2023
Event Church Micro 10116 - 16 Year Anniversary Event by Auntymajulie & Pencoise in South West England
CITO Event Church CITO 007- Perranporth Old St Piran’s by Auntymajulie & Pencoise in South West England
CITO Event Join the LITTER BUSTERS (5) by Seasand in Southern England
Event Half GIM for Fireworks! by Kubsat76 in East Midlands
Event Church Micro 10116...16 Year Anniversary Event by titannia1 in Yorkshire
CITO Event (Aylesbury CITO 22) Thame Road clear up by Dan's community charity in Southern England
Event GEOCACHERS ARE GO! by terrapintim in South East England
CITO Event Keep it clean in Camden by Lulybelle in Munster
Event Church Micro 10116 - 16 Year Anniversary Event by Waves117 in Eastern England
Monday 6th November 2023
Event Board Games Evening 4 by GloveGirl in South West England
Event Maverics Birthday Beverages by the maverics in Eastern England
CITO Event November's Nixing Native Nuisances at Netheridge by Monski in Southern England
Event Cambridge - Monday Night Blues by goldpot in Eastern England
Tuesday 7th November 2023
Event Church Micro 10116- 16th Year Anniversary Event by the maverics in Eastern England
Event Church Micro 10116...16 Year Anniversary Event by ChapmanGang in South East England
Event Church Micro 10116...16 Year Anniversary Event by blueteddy in Southern England
Event Church Micro 10116 16 Year Anniversary Event by Pebbles&Co in Southern England
Event Church Micro 10116...16 Year Anniversary Event by 1gowild and Louiseannhw in Southern England
Event Church Micro 10116...16 Year Anniversary Event by Thallams in London
Event Church Micro 10116…16 year Anniversary Event by The77Club in Southern England
Event Church Micro 10116...16 Year Anniversary Event by Hitman9956 in North West England
Event Church Micro 10116…16 year Anniversary Event by little-leggs in South West England
Event Church Micro 10116...16 Year Anniversary Event by Puzzle Club in South East England
Event Church Micro 10116...16 Year Anniversary Event by The Biggin Hill Flyers in London
Event Church Micro 10116…16 year Anniversary Event by infinson in Eastern England
Event Church Micro 10116…16 year Anniversary Event by infinson in Eastern England
Event Church Micro 10116...16 Year Anniversary Event by mbtkz in London
Event Church Micro 10116...16 Year Anniversary Event by ReggieCat in Southern England
Event Church Micro 10116...16 Year Anniversary Event by Deepdiggingmole in South East England
Wednesday 8th November 2023
Event Church Micro 10116...16 Year Anniversary Event by liberal giraffe in Southern England
Event London Event @ The High Holborn Cuillères by spoonpot in London
Event 157 - Hampshire Monthly Mid-Week Meet by hezb in Southern England
Event Meet and Greet from a possible distant relative by Aix sponsa Mocrin lostcheq Tucker2 and K in Munster
Event Steel City Social #4 by South Yorkshire Geocachers in Yorkshire
Event Meet and greet London by Lietuvis in London
CITO Event Set Fair for Tree Care by YazCeleste in Southern England
Thursday 9th November 2023
Event Ystradgynlais GIFF ?? (Geocaching Film Festival) by melin boy in South Wales
Event ?? ?? Chandler's Ford Forum #45 by The Chilihouse in Southern England
Event Ev1ls brunch club by Ev1l 81tch in Southern England
Friday 10th November 2023
Event Tentmantent on Tour #33: Braintree by Tentmantent in Eastern England
Event GIFF 2023 Nottingham by BigLynx in East Midlands
Event ?????? A GIFF Event in Dorset for 2023 ?????? by Dorsetgal & GeoDog in Southern England
CITO Event November 'Tidy Up' and Bug Habitat Creation by fizzwhizz in Southern England
Event GIFF 2023: Newtownards Co. Down by josie301 in Ulster
Event Lost: A Year by RubyShoos in South East England
Saturday 11th November 2023
Mega Event GIFF 2023 - Janz jroß Kinema Directors Cut by geoteddybear in Germany
Mega Event ?? GIFF 2023 ?? Autokino München ?? by Drumpldeer in Germany
Event PUB @ 60 by GO_PUB in Southern England
Event ?? Bristol GIFF 2023 ?? by Matt8889 in Southern England
Event Southern Scotland GIFF 2023 Event by BURT0N in Southern Scotland
Event ?? GIFF 2023 - An Afternoon at the Movies ?? by SouthEastMega2024 in South East England
Event GIFF 2023 Norfolk by cachunuts007 in Eastern England
CITO Event November's Nipping and Nudging at alNey by Monski in Southern England
Event “Fitness Club” Coffee Morning @ Primrose Hill by goldpot in London
Event Newark & District Monthly Meet #23 by sponge_3 in East Midlands
Event CHF is visiting by CodyHollowFarm in Dublin
Sunday 12th November 2023
Event Jubilee Park by discodancingdiva in London
Event Toast Earrings by The Amasons in East Midlands
Event May The Sauce Be With You by Darth Zonka R2little-D2s Princess Leiamonydogs in North West England
CITO Event Getting Wet In Pinner Village Gardens Repeatedly by Brian~! in London
CITO Event (Aylesbury CITO 23) Old Stoke Road clear up by Dan's community charity in Southern England
Event ?? ?? Newry GIFF Matinee 2023 by Hasamelis in Ulster
CITO Event NovemBer's Braking Brash off the Boulevard by Monski in Southern England
Event It’5 A V3rY H4pPy XXth 81rThD4Y TO db3034!! by lucinda1904 Disa urq Janechick poshrule in London
Event Daddycool80 on Tour - Poole by Daddycool80 in Southern England
Monday 13th November 2023
Event RidgeGroverS World Premier - GIFF 2023 by RidgeGrovers in West Midlands
Event Lunchtime Meet Up by waddingtonwanderers/The Amasons in East Midlands
Event SideTracked - Liverpool Lime Street by goldpot in North West England
Tuesday 14th November 2023
Event Isle of Man ?? GIFF 2023 ?? by twoofnine in Isle of Man
Event Muster in the wardroom at The Bridge by Northumbria biker in North East England
Event Cunning Cachers November 2023 by The Cache Hoppers in Southern England
Event Derbyshire comes to Dundee by lodgebarn in Northern Scotland
Wednesday 15th November 2023
Event Monthly Mid-Week Meet in Sussex - #171 by walkingmajean in South East England
CITO Event Trimming Hedges and Path Edges by YazCeleste in Southern England
Event Harrogate Chat and Drink #24 by wozainali in Yorkshire
Thursday 16th November 2023
Event GIFF 2023 - Cornwall - Lights...Camera...Action! by spooky_luke in South West England
Event 60! Really OMG! by T A G in West Midlands
Event Just because... no SSCC in November by emalang! in Dublin
Event North Bristol Social #48 Fireworks in November by Trolleygranny Angeumango & ComedyDave in South West England
Event November Meet Up by TeamPilot in Northern Scotland
Friday 17th November 2023
Event Rural Rendezvous #66 by mutchie in Southern England
Event Lad(d)ies What Lunch 10: The Watermill by Maerad in Yorkshire
CITO Event Cleaning up the Castle by angelou666 in Eastern England
Event SideTracked - Cambridge North by xxxVCxxx in Eastern England
CITO Event November's Nurturing Natives and Nixing Nightmares by Monski in Southern England
Event Flitwick Friday Coffee Morning #27; Winter Warmer. by MANDMADEandMAN in Eastern England
Saturday 18th November 2023
Event GIFF 2023: Lincoln (Bishop Grosseteste University) by Tentmantent in East Midlands
Event GIFF 2023 - A Morning Matinée by The Coachman's Pair in West Midlands
Event GIFF Event Boar on Tour #07 by Severn_UK_Mega_2025 in Southern England
Event ?? Geocaching International Film Festival 2023 by mykey987 in Southern England
Event London Calling Presents: GIFF 2023 by London_Calling in London
Event Geo Help Techniques and Puzzle Hints # 17 by martletsman in South East England
Event PLOP Event by Canalcruisers in South Wales
CITO Event hedgepiglet's Rhododendren removal by hedgepiglet in London
CITO Event Volunteering with Mel @ Golden Rose Flower Garden by Watford_Chick in Eastern England
Sunday 19th November 2023
Event GIFF 2023 Geocaching International Film Festival by 9 Usual Suspects in North Wales
Event Places Houses and Hotels by Sterling-Cache in London
Event GIFF 2023 Viewing Event - Hitchin (Happening 126) by Ed2Ed in Eastern England
CITO Event Graffham Nature Reserve CITO X by Flookfinders in South East England
Event Dartmoor Tors - Monthly Event 26 - Lynch Tor by Dartmoor Dave in South West England
CITO Event Rathmullan Beach: CITO by PG501 in Ulster
Event KCCMM GIFF 2023 by LancelotsLädy in South East England
CITO Event Hall Street Green CITO #4 by jallwork in North West England
CITO Event (Aylesbury CITO 24) Mandeville Road by Dan's community charity in Southern England
Event Autumn at the puffin house by twolittlepigs in Guernsey
CITO Event Roundabout MK meets #43 a; Blue Lagoon CITO by MANDMADEandMAN in Southern England
Event Roundabout MK Meet #43b; post CITO warm up! by MANDMADEandMAN in Southern England
Event Cheltenham Monthly #3 - the great outdoors by SpyderWeasel in Southern England
Event Pinfolds of Derbyshire #11 - Kirk Langley by WHyvNa in East Midlands
Monday 20th November 2023
Event 94th Lambourn Event by Pebbles&Co in Southern England
Event Meet & Greet at Southampton by Hexe Huckebein in Southern England
Tuesday 21st November 2023
Event Puzzle Club - November by Mang in South East England
Event November Morning Meet 2023 by stevo185 in East Midlands
Event Eastleigh Evening Event #81 by 1gowild and Louiseannhw in Southern England
CITO Event Coton Candy ?? by angelou666 in Eastern England
Wednesday 22nd November 2023
Event KT133 'A Night in The Helsby Faucet' by Pink icing in North West England
Event Epic Geocache Wander 2023 - Homeward Bound by ChepstowRomans in Southern England
Event SOX in November - Winter of 69!! by rosela in Southern England
Event Farnborough Monthly Meet # 25 by ReggieCat in Southern England
CITO Event Laying Low the Pond Willow by YazCeleste in Southern England
Event Staffordshire Monthly Meet 3 by willowthecat & ginger_mop in West Midlands
Event Kiddy Mid Week Meet by becky_booh in West Midlands
Event NEW & SWW No.18 by MJB58 in West Midlands
Thursday 23rd November 2023
Event An Unearthly Event by terrapintim in South East England
Event Sausage Sarnie's by the River - anyone! by Dabtec in Southern England
Event Coffee n Chat at Tim Hortons by granandme in Northern Scotland
Friday 24th November 2023
CITO Event Refine the Hedgeline : Oak Meadow by YazCeleste in Southern England
Saturday 25th November 2023
Event BBOx Breweries Event #2 - Double-Barrelled Brewery by trollers in Southern England
CITO Event Jolly Green Fun: Geobulb ?? by jonaj31 in South Wales
Event Georgian Day 2023 by cep99 in Ulster
Event Christmas Dinner - Nosh & Natter 63 by 9 Usual Suspects in North Wales
Event Bathtime Buddies on Tour - No Cheese Gromit by Bathtime Buddies in Eastern England
Event BBH#168 Breakfast in Wigginton no 2 by Trixie81 in Eastern England
Sunday 26th November 2023
Event Indoor League 2023: Final Round! (Cribbage) by Tentmantent in East Midlands
Event SDG Breakfast Club #40 - November 2023 by opted-out user in East Midlands
Event HEATH END PUZZLE CLUB by misty's muskateers in Southern England
CITO Event (Aylesbury CITO 25) Walton Court by Dan's Community Charity in Southern England
CITO Event Buryfields Litter Picking by abiherts in Eastern England
Monday 27th November 2023
Event Omi's CW #27 by Omiwahn in Southern England
Tuesday 28th November 2023
Event A Pint Amongst Friends - Where we were before by BoxHunter1991 in London
Wednesday 29th November 2023
Event Meet & Greet by stensbye in Jersey


Thursday 30th November 2023
Event Gang Encounters.. Puzzle Club #22 ?? by ChapmanGang in South East England
Event GER meets IRL by GeiKu in Dublin

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