Friday 1st December 2023
Event A bit of Festive Sun 2023 by campdave in North West England
CITO Event Drub the Scrub that Slows the Flows by YazCeleste in Southern England
Saturday 2nd December 2023
Event Christmas Lunch in Staffordshire 2023 by The Haywood Hornet in West Midlands
Event ??SELBAC #163 - XMAS CARVERY AT EDEN PARK!?? by The Creepy Crawlies in London
Sunday 3rd December 2023
Event ???? Swiss Geocachers in Chester ???? by Ditli in North West England
Event The Last Battle V by Lauraloll in Northern Scotland
Tuesday 5th December 2023
Event The Epic Geocache Wander 2023 - Many Partings by ChepstowRomans in South Wales
Wednesday 6th December 2023
Event Brummie Meet ?? Christmas 2023 ?? by Optimist on the run in West Midlands
Thursday 7th December 2023
Event Erewash Morning Meetup 25 by ErewashPaddler in East Midlands
Friday 8th December 2023
Mega Event Proyecto Huelva 2023 by Proyecto Huelva in Spain
CITO Event December's Dealing with Dangling heDges by Monski in Southern England
Event X-M-I-T-M-O-N #21 Dents Houses Double by trebor nosnwot in Yorkshire
Saturday 9th December 2023
Mega Event ADVENTNÍ GEOSKORÁPKY / ADVENT GEONUTSHELLS 2023 by Saman Plha Jednounohouvhrobe Mykeš in Czechia
Event Chieveley Christmas Caper 2023 by look-sharp in Southern England
Event Christmas Conversion - 8th attempt by Lulybelle in Munster
Event T-o-T #91 Aysgarth Again by trebor nosnwot in Yorkshire
Sunday 10th December 2023
Event Dejan vs Isak - Meet and greet two swedes! Again! by bjazze in London
Event Down a street in Hampstead by discodancingdiva in London
Event Shirley Sunriser VII: The Christmas Special ???? by mmmPIZZA in West Midlands
Tuesday 12th December 2023
Event KT 134 - More Massiv Merriment (Gangsta Wrappers) by Da Winsford Massiv in North West England
Wednesday 13th December 2023
Event Hampshire Monthly Mid Week Christmas Event 2023 by PetersfieldPoodlePosse in Southern England
Friday 15th December 2023
Event December Meet up by TeamPilot in Northern Scotland
Saturday 16th December 2023
Mega Event 9. Brockenfrühstück by glider74 Die Hexe & schlumbum in Germany
Event Stop and Chat: A Festive Meet Up. by Matt8889 in Southern England
Event Newark & District Monthly Meet #24 by sponge_3 in East Midlands
Event Secret Santa in Newtownards #5 by Craftydaisy in Ulster
Event All my Days II by Tbear186 in London
Event How Puzzling X by xxxVCxxx in Southern England
Event KCCMM 152 Christmas near the Castle by maattmoo in South East England
CITO Event Barnby-in-the-Willows CITO 4 by sponge_3 in East Midlands
Sunday 17th December 2023
Event SDG Breakfast Club #41 - ??December 2023?? by opted-out user in East Midlands
Event Christmas ?? Jumper ?? Event by melin boy & shyalot in South Wales
Event Dartmoor Tors Monthly Event 27 - Rowtor by NSCR in South West England
Event Breakfast at the old power station by The Biggin Hill Flyers in London
CITO Event (Aylesbury CITO 28) Old Stoke Road / Stoke Road by Dan's community charity & Aylesbury wombles in Southern England
Event GEOCACHERS ARE HO HO HO! by terrapintim in South East England
Event Pinfolds of Derbyshire #12 - Hathersage by WHyvNa in East Midlands
Event FiddleCath67 Birthday celebration by FiddleCath67 in East Midlands
CITO Event Lesnes Abbey Litter Pick by 1260rjc in London
Event Christmas Cheer At The (Snow) Globe! ?? by palmer28 + DanSpurs14 in Eastern England
Monday 18th December 2023
Event Christmas Board Games by GloveGirl in South West England
CITO Event December's Demolishing Dense Dell by Monski in Southern England
Event SideTracked - Littlehampton by goldpot in South East England
Event Christmas winter warmer 2023 by the maverics in Eastern England
Event Birthday Celebrations by MumofGeorge in Southern Scotland
Tuesday 19th December 2023
Event Puzzle Club - December by Mang in South East England
Wednesday 20th December 2023
Event SOX in December - Bring your Christmas SOX! by rosela in Southern England
Event Monthly Mid-Week Meet in Sussex # 172 by Sussex Cachers in South East England
Event Solstice what solstice by trebor nosnwot in North West England
CITO Event ‘Tis the Season … for Tree Care by YazCeleste in Southern England
Event Farnborough Monthly Meet # 26 by ReggieCat in Southern England
Event A Pint Amongst Friends - it's Christmas! by BoxHunter1991 in London
Event At a loose-end in Lancaster by campdave in North West England
Event Kiddy Mid Week Meet - It's Christmas! by Dobunnis in West Midlands
Event A Geocacher's Christmas #1 - Lights by Young Heed in London
Thursday 21st December 2023
Event North Bristol Social #50 Its nearly CHRISTMAS!!! by Trolleygranny in South West England
Event 80 Days - Day 80 by Sterling-Cache in London
Event Moore Mince Pies (2023) by Moore4us2 & Moore4us in London
Event Join us at the Beer Tent by The Creepy Crawlies in London
Event Caching by the Cathedral by Conoronoc in North West England
Event NEW & SWW Mid Week Meet 19 by 3BearsUK in West Midlands
Event A Geocacher's Christmas #2 - Food by Young Heed in London
Friday 22nd December 2023
CITO Event Christmas Indulgence Time Out in the Orchard by Monski in Southern England
Event The Christmas Jumper Event 2023 by FliDoo in Southern Scotland
Event Winter Solstice 2023 - Malton by TrainSPLOTer in Yorkshire
Event SideTracked Wimbledon by hedgepiglet in London
Event Winter solstice 2023 Seaford by martletsman in South East England
Event Sully Social - Scarce Sunlight by sniffadogz in South Wales
Event ?? Wake up to the Winter Solstice 2023 by The Chilihouse in Southern England
Event A Geocacher's Christmas #3 - Presents by Young Heed in London
CITO Event Caring for the Coppice Day @ Gomm's Wood by ChilternRangers in Southern England
Event The year turns in the Forty Acres by jewelandarlin in Dublin
Saturday 23rd December 2023
Event Wifey's Annual-ish Christmas Get Together 2023 by WifeyRobinson in Southern England
Event Christmas Get Together by lil leanne in Eastern England
Event n London finds 2023 by Young Heed in London
Event On the 23rd day of Christmas ?? by Young Heed in South West England
Sunday 24th December 2023
Event ???? I believe in Father Christmas ???? by terrapintim in South East England
Event Thaxted for Christmas Eve by goldpot in Eastern England
Event Here Comes The Sun V by mashworth in Southern England
Event Christmas Eve 2023 by 3BearsUK in West Midlands
Event Christmas Eve in the Park by fm1906 & TeamXW in Yorkshire
Monday 25th December 2023
Event Christmas meet on Bishy Beach by Louiseannhw in Southern England
Event Rocha's first Chrimbo Caching Catchup by Roan65 & Rocha in South Wales
Event ?? Merry Christmas Everybody ?? by terrapintim ?? in South East England
Event Christmas Day Escape to Mersea Island! ??? by goldpot in Eastern England
Event IT'S CHRISTMAAAASSS! Time to escape for a while by The77Club in Southern England
Event X-Mas Day in X-mouth! ?????? by MrAndMrsCh in South West England
Event Christmas Day on Dartmoor 2023 by Pebbles&Co in South West England
Event Seasons Greetings Meeting 2 by Emmer281 in South Wales
Event Merry Christmas 2023 by auntymajulie in South West England
Event Farnborough Christmas Flash Mob by ReggieCat in Southern England
Event Meet Shiggaddi on Christmas Day Morning by Shiggaddi in South West England
Event Christmas Day 2023 by 3BearsUK in West Midlands
Event Merry Christmas in Whitby by Bradshaws65 in Yorkshire
Event Edna's Eighth Christmas Morning Event by Evil Edna in Southern England
Event Christmas Day in Lambourn 2023 by Pebbles&Co in Southern England
Event On Christmas Day in the Morning by anytar in London
Event Christmas A Long Way From Home by Wilbywarrior in London
Event Merry Cachemas 2023! by josie301 in Ulster
Event Wishing You A Merry Christmas by Flexburyites in South West England
Tuesday 26th December 2023
Event Boxing Day Bah Humbug ???? by Bah Humbugs in East Midlands
Event Boxing day blow out 5 by the maverics in Eastern England
Event Boxing Day BYO Bacon No#2 by ChepstowRomans in South Wales
Event ?? I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday ?? by terrapintim in South East England
Event Boxing Day Walk by Wandafree in Yorkshire
Event Ice cream Tuesday: once more with mittens by jewelandarlin in Dublin
Wednesday 27th December 2023
Event Post Xmas Stretch Flash Mob by WhatRobot in Southern England
Event Leeds Drink and Chat 55 by Zoe94 in Yorkshire
Event East Kent Twixmas* Social. by Hougoumont in South East England
Thursday 28th December 2023
Event Worthing Ice Skating Event #6 by Wizbit100 in South East England
Event Bathtime Buddies - Mind the Gap 8 by Bathtime Buddies in South West England
Event Nelsons Column by Familyofkittens in London
Friday 29th December 2023
Event 1000000km Caching Milestone by goldpot in London
CITO Event December's Dismissing Discomfort Deftly by Monski in Southern England
Saturday 30th December 2023
Event Glühwein on a Crag 5 by fm1906 & eavesclan in Yorkshire
Event New Years Eve Eve by maattmoo in South East England
Event December - Monthly Meet Up by danale in Southern Scotland
Event Edidan68 at DUBLIN by Edidan68 in Dublin

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